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Recruitment and Retention Plan 2024
See – Hear - Ask
The Open day for potential Student to come and See the facilities at CornerPost, have a look where you will be training and studying. An opportunity to Hear the programme content, our expectations of you as a boxer and Student. You will get the chance to Ask questions about anything related to the programme.
February 3rd 2024 - 10am – 12noon.
Time To Train
Let’s get the gloves on and train, the Coaches will of course be looking at your technical and tactical ability. You will also be assessed on your ability to train with others, see how you get on with other boxers, can you work with less experienced boxers so you both benefit.  Can you get yourselves ready with all your kit warmed up ready to be coached.   Travel is a big part of the commitment you will need to make for 2 years, it’s a great opportunity to see how the journey and cost will impact you.   Each session will last 1 hour -to 1 ½ hours depending on group size. Before you attend you will be notified of the group, you’re in and the start and finish time of your session.  
Saturday 9th March Saturday 20th April Saturday 18th May
Part C The Full Experience
Inset days this is an opportunity to experience a full day at CornerPost. we suggest that you try and travel in by public transport, so you experience the journey, and how it feels to train at your own club on the night. The Day will start at 9:30 and we will finish at 3:00pm.  You will need to bring your full training kit and lunch. There will be training session and academic sessions so you can experience the full day- then train at your own club.  We expect you to attend at least 2 out of the 3 days.  
Wednesday 26th June Thursday 4th July Tuesday 9th July
Have You Made The Grade
Enrolment Day, Students to bring in their exam results and have places confirmed
Friday 23rd August Tuesday 27th August
DiSE Starts on Wednesday 4th September

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